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Hello! My name is Michelle, and I am a plus size yoga instructor. My philosophy is that yoga is not about fitness and flexibility, but fostering a connection with our breath, inner thoughts, physical selves, the grounding Earth beneath us, and the vast Universe surrounding us. It's about familiarizing ourselves with our unique anatomies, discovering the poses that genuinely nourish our mind and body, and nurturing our spirit.

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Tropical Palm Leaf

My Story

My yoga journey began in 2010 as a means to confront anxiety and depression stemming from my incurable visual impairment. Yoga has also been a large part of my recovery from both a dependance on alcohol and an eating disorder. At a certain point, I lost sight of what truly mattered and fixated on external appearances, hoping that if I appeared flawless on the outside, my inner self would align. This path was not working for me. A friend introduced me to yoga and I noticed its transformative effects immediately. Even then, yoga was another fitness class where I measured myself against others, pushed my body beyond its limits to keep up with others, and hoped to change the shape of my body. As I progressed through my recovery, I found myself in a larger body and discovered that standard yoga classes did not cater to individuals with larger bodies. I started distancing myself from yoga because I did not feel my body belonged in a traditional yoga space. This is when I felt inspired to become the kind of yoga instructor I yearned to find—a facilitator of an accepting and compassionate space for anyone and everyone. If you feel uncomfortable entering a traditional yoga space, I extend a warm invitation to my inclusive haven where all shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome. To me, body positive does not mean that I love my body all the time. It signifies the process of cultivating my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being from within, while discovering fresh avenues to connect with and value my body beyond mere appearances. The physical postures and philosophical principles of yoga have taught me that my appearance is the least intriguing aspect of who I am. I have come to recognize that my body simply exists. It is the vessel I am meant to inhabit at this present moment in time.


Off the mat, I crave nature, sunlight, and good vibes. I am silly, weird (in a good way, I think), and love corny jokes! I enjoy spending time with family, nurturing my plants, and living in gratitude. Born and raised in central Ohio, I now reside in San Diego. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2020 at UBU Yoga & Fitness, LLC in Columbus, OH. My continued education focuses on accessible yoga, diversity, trauma, and meditation. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey!



I welcome you to connect with me to learn more about my intentions and how we can work together!

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